Does Bright Light and High Pitch Sound Deterrent Machine Work on Bats?

There is nothing like an effective repellent for Atlanto bats. Also, there is nothing like a bat deterrent device. There is alsonothing like a magic powder or spray or asubstance or device that can help in getting bats from your artic and keeping them out. There are so many gimmicks that are out there and new ones keep on coming up every single day. However, there isn’t any known deterrent that can be able to keep bats from your home. When we have serious issues in our Georgia homes, we look for the quickest way to fix them and also the cheapest. However, we discover too late that the methods that we opted for don’t really work.

The High Pitch Sound Deterrent Machines
This is one of the methods that manypeople have tried so as to try and evict Georgia bats from their spaces. This is a very popular method that has been used time and again. This is done by letting off a very high pitched sound that only the bats can be able to hear so as to make them change their flight direction. The high pitch sound deterrent machines are not only used on bats bit also other kinds of pesky animals that may find that your home is rather a nice place to live. The devices can be placed in the attic, the basement and any other room which may be invaded by the bats. For those who already have Atlanta bats living within, then this may fail so miserably. This is because there is a great chance that the bats will eventually become immune to the sound and then totally ignore your attempt to evict them.

Bright Light
The places where you have a greater likelihood to see Georgia bats are attics and commercial buildings. When you have located the areas where the bats make their entry, you may use bright lights in those areas of the buildingor attic making sure that they point the entry areas directly. To some extent, this actually works as most bats will stay away and stop any attempt of entering. This is a setting that can actually work. However, light as we know it attracts insects and when they come to the light, Atlanta bats most definitely will follow closely. This is something that could work in the attic however. You can opt to add light bulbs at every corner or the attic so as to ensure that it is well illuminated at all times. The bats dint like light and they love to cower at spaces that are pretty dark. This may lead to the bats abandoning the attic but when the lights are removed, they may move right back in and so this isn’t a permanent solution. Also, this is an option thatcan lead to hefty electricity bills and it may not be as economical.

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