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Welcome to Pest Animal Atlanta! We are a wildlife removal company servicing Atlanta, GA. We are one of the largest, oldest, and most respected wildlife control companies in the Atlanta region. With over 30 highly trained professional service technicians, we can respond to your wildlife problem the same day you call. We offer a free price quote, and maintain competitive pricing, while providing the highest quality service in the industry. We specialize in the removal of unwanted critter guests in your house or property. From raccoons to armadillos, snakes and opossums, we handle all critters. We also specialize in bird and bat control in Georgia buildings. Our specialty is rat control, and we are different from most ATL pest control companies, in that we solve the root of the problem by addressing and sealing shut all rodent entry holes into buildings, for a permanent solution. Call us for a phone price quote, and to discuss your specific wildlife problem, large or small, we handle it all. We also offer attic cleanup, odor control, wildlife damage repair, and attic re-insulation. Call us now at 404-492-7694 for your Atlanta wildlife control needs.

About Pest Animal Atlanta and Our Services:

Property inspections and in-attic inspections.

Humane wildlife trapping and exclusion.

Critter damage repair to your home.

Georgia's rat control experts!

We never use poisons! We don't handle insects.

Fully Georgia licensed and insured.

Experts in Georgia bat removal from buildings.

Atlanta raccoon removal and skunk removal.

We get rid of animals in the attic

Dead animal removal, inside and outside.

Atlanta snake removal and prevention.

Call us any time to discuss your wildlife problem!

Our Service Range

Our Service Range

We service most of Fulton County, Gwinnett County, Cobb County, DeKalb County, Clayton County, Cherokee County, Henry County, and Forsyth County. We service the greater Atlanta area, and surrounding cities and towns such as Sandy Springs, Roswell, South Fulton, Johns Creek, Alpharetta, Marietta, Brookhaven, Smyrna, Stonecrest, Dunwoody, Douglasville, Mableton, Peachtree City, Peachtree Corners, Gainesville, East Point, Newnan, Redan, Milton, Kennesaw, Chamblee, Lawrenceville, Tucker, Duluth, Stockbridge, Carrollton, Woodstock, and more.

Atlanta Wildlife Removal Tip of the Month

Snake Prevention Tips
Atlanta snakes we all have a special kind of fear for them, their presence not only is dangerous, but also they can act as a source of destruction for your property as well. Homeowners for numerous reasons are very much conscious and ensure to take all steps that can keep away snakes from their properties in a convincing fashion. In many Georgia areas snakes serve as a nightmare for property owners and no matter how much you try they are always successful in penetrating some of the most sensitive parts of your house. However, some times very simple solution related with a particular problem like for diverting the snakes are present all that you need to do is to make your property unattractive for them. It is very much obvious if Atlanta snakes will find a region unattractive they will avoid visiting it in future at all costs. Let’s discuss some Snake Prevention Tips that are extremely simple and provide valid results at the same time.

Snake proof fencing
Fencing is a very much effective method that is known for acting as a great barrier for Atlanta snakes so that they should not get capable of invading any kind of property. However it should also be mentioned here that effectiveness of any kind of fencing is dependent upon the types of snakes inhabiting your region and common modes of travelling that are used by creature. The construction of a snake proof fence is not a difficult task, but it is better to leave it for experts. Fencing has a simpler concept associated with it where the entire property is covered with fencing that also penetrates the ground for blocking entry of Georgia snakes on all levels.

Getting rid of pests
Georgia snakes are normally attracted towards regions where there is an abundance of food sources present. This means that if you are dealing with pest infestations involving larger insects, mice and grasshoppers, then snakes will defiantly enter your property because they will find it as a perfect spot loaded with food and other eating opportunities. Therefore, any kind of infestation should be dealt with in a decent manner. Use trapping technique or repellents that are considered as effective for removal of pests also cat or dog can play an effective role in driving the animals away in a decent fashion. Once the population of potential food sources inside a property will decrease they will naturally lose their interest in it.

Removing water sources present at the level of ground
Many of Atlanta's snakes are attracted towards water and you can even see them swimming because of this reason water sources present at ground level always act as extremely attractive for these creatures. Larger puddles need to be drained prior to they serve as an invitation for snakes also ponds should always be positioned far from houses and should be inspected regularly for ensuring that Georgia snakes have not invaded them. You may be amazed but bird baths can also cause considerable problems as they always attract insects along with rodents, which will naturally attract snakes.

Avoiding plants that are tall growing
Different kinds of shurbs clutter and other similar plants act as the best hiding places for Georgia snakes. It is best that grass should be mowed for preventing the snakes from getting entry into your yard. Shurbs along with thicker plants also act as attractants for snakes. In case you are very much concerned related with snake problem, then it is best either to remove or thin these plants. However, if you still want to keep these plants, the shift them towards the far off corner of yard.

Snakes will defiantly take clutter as a great invitation as they are the best spots for providing warmer and darker hiding spots. You should never allow pile of leaves, straw mulch, firewood stacks, Straw mulch and cut grass piles because snake are going to find them extremely attractive. Therefore, take all the proper steps for removing all this from your yard.