Getting Rid of Pigeons from Your Attic

Well now that you have determined that you have Atlanta pigeons, what do you do? Obviously you want them gone. Pigeons spread all kinds of diseases. They also cause extensive amounts of damage pecking and scratching and with the mess they leave you. They are noisy and gross, and travel in flocks.

If you want to get rid of the Georgia pigeons in the attic yourself, you need to follow a series of steps. Find out how pigeons are getting inside. This is the most important step! Those pigeons are getting in your home somehow. Until you find their entry holes you will never solve your pigeon problem. Remember you must find them ALL, Every single last one. Some can be as small as 4 inches wide. You need to inspect the whole roof structure, all portions of the roof, and eaves. Make sure you are thorough. It will help if you study up on Georgia pigeon behavior and know what signs to look for. Grayish feathers and droppings at entry points will tell you that you are on the right track. Also, inspect your attic, where you will see trails of feces, feathers, and nesting materials that that will help you identify main entry points.

Once you have sealed all the holes and identified nesting areas, you need to choose your means of eradication. Do you want to use dangerous poisons or chemicals? Maybe you’ll set a handful Snap traps that will kill the Atlanta pigeon but leave you with a gory body to dispose of. Glue traps catch the animal securely, but they don’t die for days. Maybe you want to use a humane choice and set live traps. These are expensive to buy and now you need to rid yourself of live trapped Georgia pigeons. If you want to free them you will have to go more than 15 miles away. Maybe you will construct exclusion tunnels to get rid of them. They are not hard to build or install, if you have the tools, time, and materials. You can consult your local agricultural extension for advance, or maybe call Atlanta animal control.

If you hire a Georgia professional, you will have the peace of mind knowing that you are working with a trained informed specialist. Your pest specialist will quickly identify your trouble spots and entry ways, and determine the best way to be rid of the vermin in your particular situation. They will have all the proper credentials, can handle the work at your home safely, and know all federal and states regulations that might be involved. Once the job is done, he will dispose of all the pigeons living or dead, and can even clean up the mess left behind. So you decide… DIY or go with the pro?

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